Kaligung New Train Coach Review

I‘ve got surprised last sunday when i getting on a Kaligung new train coach,it’s totally new and different train coach than its predecessor.I noticed a whole new different interior design,more fresh and modern look of train coach.


Kaligung New Train Coach

The old train coach has a 2-2 and 3-3 seat passengers in a row and the new one is 2 and 2 in a row,the old train coach accommodate around 106 peoples,while the new one only accommodate 80 peoples,so it’s more comfortable and humane.:D

The legs room is more spacious than its predecessor,it has more room for us with asian size passenger,but anyone who height 6ft more maybe will still feel uncomfortable,so just choose the center seat number to have more legs room (11-12 seat number)


Legs Room Feels Spacious


It Has Better Legs Room Than The Other Seat Number

FYI,all the trains in Indonesia were only seat type and no sleeper type.The most commonly different between the trains is the comfortable of the seat (hard or soft),the leg room,how many the station will the train stop,and in short there’s three class of the train,Executive Train,Bussiness Train,and Economy Train.The Economy train is the cheapest.Usually the economy class train is serve short haul distance (1-4hours),but some economy trains also serve long haul distance.

Kaligung Train is serve short haul distance between Tegal City to Semarang City Station (about 2hours 20minutes),and actually is an economy type train.But recently the company change the train coach into the new one,so in my experience of 4 years using trains in Indonesia,i can say this new train coach seat as comfortable as the executive type one but with 4 times more lower prices!!

Every passenger can bring their own luggage and place above,as its served as train luggage compartment,my tips avoid seat number 1-3 and 19-21 because they don’t have room for luggage,only small bags or any backpack under 30L can be put in.But for other seat number you can put your 50-60L backpack or small-medium luggage easily in the compartment,and another tips if you bring more than 1 bag,you can choose the seat number in the center (11-12) because you can put the bag near your legs since it has more spacious legs room than the other seat number.


It Has Spacious Compartment

I also noticed that the train restroom already use the western standard toilet,not the squat type one,looks clean and new,but more smaller than the old one,even for Indonesian local like me it feels so small,so you big guys from the west should be more uncomfortable to use the restroom 😀


This Is The Restroom,Very Small

For a short haul distance train like kaligung you can buy the ticket in the day you want to go,but make sure to check the schedule first,as they only have some trains in one day.

Here is the latest schedule of Kaligung (Feb 2017)

From Tegal City to Semarang City :

  • 05.00 am
  • 09.25 am
  • 12.20 pm
  • 17.05 pm

From Semarang City to Tegal City :

  • 06.20 am
  • 09.10 am
  • 12.50 pm
  • 16.30 pm

Kaligung serve the following route and vice versa :

  • Tegal – Pemalang – Pekalongan – Weleri – Semarang (Poncol Station)

As per Feb 2017 Kaligung ticket price is Rp.50.000,the ticket doesn’t have flat price for the route,so if you get in or get off in any station between the route,the ticket should be cheaper.

(you can check the company website for the latest schedule and price www.tiket.kereta-api.co.id)

Okay,i hope this train review can help you my fellow backpacker,if you still have question just leave your comment below,have a nice day 😀 😀 😀

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