One Time In Chanthaburi

My memory flies back to 2015 when i hop on Bangkok-Chanthaburi public bus,i really didn’t know about the place,and i don’t have idea what it’ll be look alike,is it a worth to visit during my 2 weeks in Thailand.

4 hours drive didn’t make me fall asleep instead stay awake to thinking about not getting lost or it’s already arrived in the city,because it’s my first time in Chanthaburi.After 3 hour ride from Bangkok,i realized i was in the middle of nowhere,and i feel anxious.I Started to think that i will stranded in somewhere foreign land where there’s no tourist at all,in my bus i can see there’s no westerner but only a 2 chinese tourist speaking person and some of local thai,and i take courage this is must be the right way to visit Chanthaburi.


Chanthaburi At 8pm Many Shops Closed


Chanthaburi Have A Heavy Chinese Influence

Finally when the bus enter the city i just keep wonder is this Chanthaburi?I found the answer when the bus stop in the bus station,and i know it’s Chanthaburi!

I can’t find the taxi near the bus station,there’s only some songthaew drivers offering their service to take us to the inn.They asked for 200Baht for like 10minutes riding,i know they are overcharge us,but i don’t want to risk to walk in the night in the unfamiliar place.

I stay in the Baan Luang Rajamaitri Historic Inn,it’s an old historical building but restorated as an inn,and it’s a such beautiful inn to stay.Give me the charm of the old chinese-thai architecture.My inn place beside the river so you can enjoy the river from the inn’s deck and it was so relaxing.


Baan Luang Rajamaitri Historic Inn Lobby


Baan Luang Rajamaitri Historic Inn Room


Chanthaburi River Beside The Inn

As a town,Chanthaburi have a heavy influence of chinese culture and architecture,you can find many chinese-thai architecture building around in the town.In small town like Chanthaburi it feels more relax and peaceful,and the time is going slower than any big cities in Thailand.So,this may not suit you who are party lover,this is only a “quiet & lovely” small town.


Chanthaburi Has Heavy Influence Of Chinese Cultures


One Of Chanthaburi’s Temple

Chanthaburi also known as a capital of thai’s durian fruit,it produces nearly half of thai’s durian production,whooaa..:o

Since we only stay one night in Chanthaburi before continue our trip to Pattaya,so we didn’t visit many place,we only visit The Somdej Park and Si Chan Road,there’re many gemstone seller in Si Chan Road especially in the weekend,from the low grade into the high grade of gemstone all they have,but still be careful if you want to buy gemstone,make sure you know what you want to buy since gemstone have many grades and maybe some seller do a little trick to you,and don’t forget to bargain!


Somdej Park


Strolling Around The Town


Chanthaburi Town Center Near Somdej Park


  • From Bangkok you can depart from Ekkamai Bus Station,it’s cost around 200baht/person for 4-5hours drive,at that time my bus depart around 3pm.
  • From Chanthaburi you can take the bus to Bangkok or  Pattaya from Chanthaburi Bus Station,it’s located in the center of the town.
  • If you want to go to Pattaya from Chanthaburi,make sure you come early before 1 or 2pm,after that time there’s no bus and you can only go to Pattaya by small minivan,just ask the songtaew driver around the bus station or ask any officer in the bus station to help you to the minivan station,it’s located almost out of the town.Minivan cost about 150baht/person.
  • If you decide to stay a night in Chanthaburi,you should stay around Si Chan Road,Somdej Park or Sukhaphiban Road (beside the river) because it’s in the town center.
  • Gemstone market only open in the weekend,at that time there will be many people open stalls along the road.

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