What Do You Think About Life?


Sometimes i keep asking myself , what is this life about? I’ve found many rhetorical answers of this question , and i just can’t agree with them. So , back to my question what is this life about? Well , i know everyone of you will have different answer of this question. When i start to doing my first backpacking trip back to 2013 , i’ve just realized that this life is more bigger than do the 9-5 work.

This world is so big and amazing with each of their uniqueness , and traveling really keep my eyes open and my hope soars high about life,and for the first time i know what should i do with this life. Since that time i’ve planned and thinking to traveling around this world intensely , well even until now i only have chance once per year to travelling.

In my thought , travelling is not about tourism and spent money , but it’s about seeing , learning , and thinking about the life from different perspective. Travelling is like meditating moment of your 12 months hard work , to refresh your mind and soul.


How Can You Resist Not To Travel To This Beautiful Place

Traveling teach us to be independent person,how to survive on our own,learning new cultures,be a respectful to others,how to communicate with others,etc…And if you bring these characters to the real life,it will be very helpful to you to achieve success in life.

Beside travelling , photography also teach me to see how to create ordinary thing into the special one , well these two thing become the answer of my question about life. Traveling and photography really teach me how this life should be. What about you?


Life Is Not Perfect Without Travelling And Photography


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