Sam Poo Kong Temple Semarang Review


Sam Poo Kong Temple Semarang

This is not Hong Kong but Indonesia,well maybe some of you will be surprise about that fact,as you know in Indonesia have heritage some old chinese temple.Consider the one in Semarang the capital of Central Java Province,we know Sam Poo Kong Temple a.k.a Gedung Batu Temple,this is considered as the oldest and biggest chinese temple in Semarang.The original temple was estimated built in 1400’s and much smaller from the nowaday site.The latest renovation is in 2002.Sam Poo Kong temple is one of the main tourist attraction in Semarang.If you ever visited Semarang,you should already know that. 🙂


Ticket Office,Main Entrance Is Behind This Office

As you should know,Sam Poo Kong Temple is different with the other temples in South East Asia Countries,Sam Poo Kong is not a “stand alone” as chinese temple,but it has mixed with local Javanese culture too.

Sam Poo Kong Temple complex was divided into 2 place,outer yard and inner yard,outer yard is the main yard of the Sam Poo Kong Temple,you only can see the temples from distance,if you want to visit the temple or praying,then you should go to the inner yard,it has different ticket fee,the main entrance ticket is only for the outer yard is Rp.5.000 (local) , Rp.15.000 (foreigner).The inner yard ticket fee is Rp.20.000 (local) and Rp.30.000 (foreigner).

If you want to go to the inner yard you should buy the main entrance ticket first,and the inner yard ticket office is located in the north of the outer yard,and it’s hidden behind the building near it,and it didn’t have clear sign board.So it depends to you wheter you want to go to visit the temples or just want to stroling around the complex.The temple complex is not too big,instead you can see the temple closer in the inner yard,you can also see the wall relief telling the story of Zheng He,so i think it’s worth to see the temples closer in inner yard.


Way To Main Yard / Outer yard


Inner Yard Ticket Office In The North Side Of The Complex


Sam Poo Kong Temple – Inner Yard

Sam Poo Kong Temple is unique because it has Javanese-Chinese culture that blend well in the architecture.It attracts many people to just visit or praying in the temple,with the wide area for people to relax in the temple yard so i think at some peak season it can host like a thousand visitors in a time.Since it’s already become one of Semarang’s tourists attraction so i give you my best advice to visit this temple in the morning 8-9am will be the best time,above 9am it will be full of people,and refer to the temple size,1-2 hours will be enough for us to spent time there,so this is just an one of short day tour in Semarang.


Main Temple Hall


There’s A Wall Relief In Behind The Main Temple Hall


The Original Altar Under The Nowaday Main Hall Temple

Sam Poo Kong Temple Highlight

  • Temple full address : Jl.Simongan no.129,Bongsari,Semarang Barat.
  • There’s 2 kind of ticket,for the main entrance and inner yard,if you want to buy the inner yard ticket you should buy the main entrance tiket first.
  • The latest open hours is 8am-9pm
  • Official temple website

Okay,so that’s my review,if you have any updated news about the temple,just comment below,thanks!

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