Best McDonald’s Breakfast Menu In Vietnam

Everything as stated above are the new menu of McDonald’s in Vietnam (2016),and my favorite was cơm thịt heo nướng or grilled pork rice,waaaa….

Back to 2014,McDonald’s open the first branch in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam.Only a while,it become the country’s favorable chain restaurant.And in 2016 McDonald’s Vietnam try to adjust to local people taste bud,and it’s a new rice menu,voila!


The McD’s Grilled Pork Rice,yummy!

They make 5 new rice menu,4 of them are served from 4am to 11am as breakfast menu,while the cơm phi lê gà cay McSpicy or McSpicy chicken rice was served above 11am.But for only 35.000 VND or 1.5 USD the grilled pork rice is the best value and it taste well for a backpacker like me.The grilled pork meat taste so soft yet delicious,so i think it’s definitely worth a shot if you come to Vietnam and try this menu,xin chào!

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