A Glimpse Of Vietnam Tourism


Ben Thanh Market ,Ho Chi Minh

What do you think about Thailand?Hearing the word “Thailand” maybe some of you will think about beautiful tropical beach,vibrant city nightlife,beautiful girls,etc…And now i asking you,what do you think about Vietnam?Most of you will only scratch your head looking for the answer,hehe..


Bui Vien,Ho Chi Minh

The growing pulse of Vietnam tourism in the last decades,is also increase the famous of country’s tourist destinations among traveler around the world.In 2016,while i have a chance to visit Vietnam,at the first i have a doubt about the country tourism,since i only know the famous Halong Bay as Vietnam main tourist destination.What about Vietnam’s cities then?I got some negative articles about how chaotic the streets are,many bag snatcher around the city,while the others complained about the crazy mark up price for the tourist,is it all true?I only have 6 days to prove it by my own eyes,and the adventure just begin!


Ha Long Bay

My first time in Vietnam became very meaningful after the taxi driver from Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi took us to brothel house instead of my hotel !!! but there’s a local woman who is so kind to help us to go to the right address to my hotel,so my first impression i think Vietnamese is friendly and eager to help foreigner.


The Famous Junction In Hoan Kiem Lake,Hanoi

Also in some occasion,local people not doubt to start talking to us as stranger even we didn’t knew any Vietnamese language,well maybe it’s because we have asian look,but i think it’s because actually they are curious type people and also friendly,aren’t they?

And in our 6 days in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh,we didn’t encounter any bag snatcher or crime in the street,so i think it’s kinda safe in Vietnam,not as bad as i think at first,but yes,we should still be aware in every place,it’s better safe than sorry 😉

So,what’s about the repute of being very chaotic street?Ah yes,i agree with this one,the street are very chaotic,especially when we are going to cross the road,we must very be careful and it really give us a ” wow ” surprise reaction,hehe..


Chaotic Street Of Ho Chi Minh City

There’s also some stories of traveler who are being ripped off by local seller,taxi or by local people,well..i think this things also happened in every developing country,so it’s back to our skill how to do the bargain before buy or use any service.

And not to denied,Thailand is still the leader of tourism industry in South East Asia consider all aspects of tourism,and Vietnam is still far away but i think it’s already on the right track to overtake it.

So,everything that i stated above is based on my travel experience,when i found that Vietnamese is helpful and friendly to the tourist,many cheap hostel,i think Vietnam still should be in your bucket list travel destination,at least once in a lifetime!


Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam Travel Highlight And Tips

  • Hanoi is smaller and more ” laid back ” city than Ho Chi Minh.
  • Try to haggle everytime you are in the street,market or any tourist place,at least try half of an offered price by seller.
  • If you afraid to cross the road,then just see and imitate how the local cross the road.
  • Vietnamese have their own local laws for foreigner usually can’t bring any local women to the hotel,so respect it.
  • Be careful when you are ride motorcycle in any Vietnam cities,because in 6 days i witness many tourist who suffer from road accident!

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