Our Summer Trip Story 2017 (2)


We woke up at 7 am in the morning only to found out that we are starving to the death for missing our dinner last night 😆 . Today we’ve many plans to do , we want to explore whole Nusa Lembongan and its’ neighboring island Nusa Ceningan for tomorrow morning we’ll have already crossing to Gili Trawangan so we’ll maximizing this day.

The first destination is Mushroom Bay , this beach is located in the west of the island. On the way to Mushroom Bay we found a breathtaking view from the higher part of Nusa Lembongan. When we arrived there around 7.30 am the beach is still seen but not more than a hour mostly part of the beach already submersed by the sea water , the beach is gone!!


Spectacular Breathtaking View On The Road To Mushroom Bay


Beautiful Mushroom Bay


Mushroom Bay Before The Sea Have It All!

After having breakfast in one of fancy restaurant there Bali Hai Beach Club , we continue our trip to the next destination Dream Beach. Dream Beach is located in the southwest of Lembongan , near Devil’s Tear (actually i miss this place when i see the map , poor i am). The road to Dream Beach not that pleasant at that time , the road is going to smaller and narrower as we are approaching the beach , and when we were arrived there it turns out that the famous location of Dream Beach that we are going is the cliff side of the beach , and actually the beach  was placed in the other side of the cliff , thanks to anyone who put the wrong dot on Google Maps , good job!


Bali Hai Beach Club The Fancy Restaurant With Bamboo Tiki Style


Siu Waiting For The Breakfast


The Dream Beach Actually Is On The Other Side Of The Cliff


Even It’s So Cloudy The View Still Breathtaking

But later i found out that any tourist group who came with their guide was shown to the cliff not the beach , because the scenery is more better from the cliff than the beach , the sea is such rough and dangerous and no wonder there’re a sign not to swim except you are a David Hasselhoff , keep that in mind guys!


Don’t Swim Unless You Are David Hasselhoff!

Just after few minutes we arrived in Dream Beach cliff the sky start to rain , and that’s not good idea to stand in higher place ,if you know what i mean :p . But Luckily the rain only coming for few minutes and we’re just hurried to finish this day trip. From the Dream Beach we are heading to Yellow Bridge that connect Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan Island. The Bridge is not too big but its’ bright yellow colour sparks interest to many travellers there. Motorcycle can across this bridge since the bridge was used to connect the two islands by the locals.


Yellow Bridge Nusa Lembongan

By seeing the map , we found out that there’s actually only two place to visit in Ceningan , Blue Lagoon and Secret Beach that both are famous. The Blue Lagoon by my opinion is a must visit place while you are in Lembongan or Ceningan. Because it has such beautiful view from the cliff to the lagoon. Blue Lagoon itself is a line of cliff that shape a half circle formation with its’ bright blue sea around it , such beautiful view truly!


Beautiful Blue Lagoon , Nusa Ceningan


Don’t Forget To Have Selfie Time!

The sun so hot so we only spend 30 minutes there , and we are hit the road again to this Secret Beach. By the name we know how secret the place it would be , wouldn’t ya?lol. Ceningan island are more quiet and calm than its’ counterpart Nusa Lembongan , so we only meet few couple tourist there , but yes there’re some resort or hotel to stay. The road to the Secret Beach is so rough since there’re not well maintenanced and in some part it’s a such non existenced road , so be prepared for it. Later we found out that this Secret Beach is actually such a small white sand beach near the Villa Trevally Hotel , so if we want to going to the beach we must enter the villa and park our motor there and going down to the beach , and the good news it’s free 😀 .


Villa Trevally , Nusa Ceningan


Small Cafe In Villa Trevally Facing The Indian Ocean


That Small White Sand Beach Is Secret Beach !!!

There’re a small cafe in Villa Trevally and we decided to have some watermelon juice sipping time since it’s so hot at that time. It’s already 1 pm when we finished our watermelon , and we decided to call it a day. On the way back to Jungut Batu Village we found out there’re some restaurant that located in the edge of the Lembongan and Ceningan strait , and it has such marvelous scenery so we decided to have the lunch there. Tawe Beach Bar & Grill is the restaurant that we choose to have the lunch , i think it’s better than the rest in that place. We ordered Pork Satay and Fried Rice , the price just same with the rest of the island , and i think the taste just so-so but since the scenery we having there such beautiful we have no complain then!


Ease Our Thirst In Hot Sunny Day


Tawe’s Pork Satay , Pray You Have Strong Teeth Before Eat!


Tawe’s Beach Bar & Grill Breathtaking View!

On the way back to our homestay we found one place called Mangrove Point Lembongan in the north of the island , after arrived there we decided to skip this mangrove forest tour and back to our room to take a nap , yep a nap 😆

We spent our last time in Lembongan to visit Lighthouse Beach near Jungut Batu Village in the north , this beach is near the Mahagiri Resort complex and thankfully it’s free. The beach is wide with beautiful white sand. We also decided to have our last night in Lembongan with some “decent” food so we go to Nyoman’s Warung to have our last dinner in Lembongan , and Nyoman’s Warung taste is not dissapointed us , it’s delicious and it always full of people since it’s already famous with the tourist. The price is almost same with the rest of the island but the taste considered better. I recommended this place , truly!


Lighthouse Beach , Mahagiri Resort Is In The Behind


Such Wide White Sandy Beach


Near The Mangrove Point , You Must Queque Before Take The Shots!

The journey is continue…

Our Summer Trip 2017 PART 3-END

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