Our Summer Trip 2017 (3 – END)


We woke up early to preparing our bag , because today we’ll crossing to Gili Trawangan from Nusa Lembongan at 10.45 am boat schedule (http://www.scootcruise.com/time-table/). This time we use Scoot boat company, Scoot is a reliable and maybe the well scheduled boat company in Bali. The speedboat cost Rp.750.000 (56 USD) per person one way , the journey will take about 2 hours 30 minutes. The boat price already including the pick up service from the hotel to the harbor , so it just make thing easier. At that time the sea wave little bit rough so it slowing down our journey. The boat itself does stop in Senggigi Beach Lombok to drop some passengers and bring some more from Senggigi to Gili Trawangan. The boat stop like about 15 minutes ,so the journey to Gili Trawangan is almost 3 hours in total.


The Scoot’s Office In The Side Of Jungut Batu Beach


The Scoot Speedboat Is Reliable Yet Safety


Inside The Scoot Speedboat , Nusa Lembongan To Gili Trawangan

It’s kinda bit late when we arrived in Gili Trawangan and we are not yet have lunch. So in rush we are going to check in in our inn. We stay in Little Elephant inn , it cost us about Rp.300.000 (23 USD) per night and the room very comfortable , even we have our hammock right in the front of the room , we recommended it! Actually i ever visited Gili Trawangan back in 2014 with my brothers and i found out that many place already change , it seems the business here is so fast to thrive up. I hardly recognize every shop or restaurant that i ever seen here , yes there’re some that still stand , but mostly was new for me. So it takes a time to thinking about which place we want to lunch. We decided to have lunch in one of Lombok local taste restaurant , and we got our prize Lombok Grilled Spicy Chicken! The price of course is higher than ordinary restaurant in Lombok Mainland , but still considered little bit cheaper here in Gili Trawangan since mostly the cafe or restaurant here cater to tourists with fancy western name menu.


Our Hammock In Little Elephant Inn , Gili Trawangan

We spent our late afternoon with snorkeling in the beach near the harbor. The view underwater there is better than back in 2014. There’re many colourful fishes schooling around , and it such lovely sight. You can rent the snorkel equipment along the road of Gili Trawangan , and i found this trick for tight budget backpacker ,  that the vendor near the harbor will mostly ask you for Rp.25.000 – Rp.30.000 (1.8 – 2 USD) for snorkel mask , just walk along to the northern part of the island near Coral Beach Pizza Restaurant or Turtle Shore , the vendor there will give you cheaper snorkel mask for about Rp.15.000 ( 1.1 USD)!!! Well it’s just about supply and demand law that the turtle shore area is less crowded than the harbor. But i prefer to snorkel near the harbor , because there’re more fish and the coral not too sharp like in the Turtle Shore beside the wave also calmly , no wonder many tourists and travellers end up to snorkel here.


Gili Trawangan Beach Near The Harbor

We spent the first night in Gili’s Art Market , this small market is only open from morning to late afternoon , and in the night it’s become a local food market with many stalls sells many kind of foods , from fresh seafood to traditional Indonesian / Lombok foods. The price considered cheaper than the restaurant or fancy cafe here , but be prepared to get jostling with peoples since it is like a magnet attracts to many traveller in the night. I considered myself unlucky when we already ordered for some grilled shrimp and fish and we’ve already waited for like 45 minutes when the seller just realize that he gave our food to other table , it’s enough then!


Fresh Seafood So Yummy!



We’ve planned to explore the whole island and i also planned to do some boat hop on hop off boat to Gili Air and Gili Meno , but i found out that there’s such no route by public boat and the schedule just didn’t make right for day tripper , so we skipped it.

One of my favorite thing to stay in Little Elephant inn is they provide us with free bicycle to explore the island , mostly you have to rent the bicycle and in the harbor where mostly the bike vendors are. The cost for rent is around Rp.50.000 – Rp.60.000 ( 3.7 – 4.5 USD) for a day rent. The inn not only provide us with one but two! Yes two bicycle for both of us and it’s free , see we’ve already save some bucks , what else could be better thing 😀


Our Cycling Session Under The Scorching Sun

We started to going to the west part of this Gili Trawangan island , because i ‘ve never been there before , even we found a little savannah. The beach is less crowded or no people for exactly. So we have good time there to take some photos and continuing our cycling session around the island. Mostly the road will cover in dirt road and concrete in some part while others are sand , yep white beach sand. Since the sun is so scorching , and it’s already 1 pm so i think it’s enough. After having the lunch actually i’ve planned to do snorkel again this late afternoon , and since we are so tired we decided to take nap first , but alas we missed it! 😦


Dry & Hidden Savannah Of Gili Trawangan


One Of The Resort In The West Of Gili Trawangan


Such A Lovely Photo!


It’s Almost 0 Tourist In The West Beach Of Gili Trawangan


Do Me Some Favor , Swing Me Please!

Spent the last night there with eat some decent fresh seafood could be such irresistible. We eat at Warung Warna , the place is in the main road near the harbor. So this Warung Warna have their seat and table right in the beach in the night accompanied with live music and dimly lit lamp , what else could be more romantic than this! But later the wind from the sea blows lil bit chilly and breezy to make us finished the dinner. We also spent the night in the Pearl Beach Lounge in the south of the island. This restaurant have such kind artistic architecture made by bamboo and wood , and since the first day Siu already craving to go to this place , it’s such inevitable!


The Romantic Warung Warna!


Pearl Beach Lounge , Gili Trawangan


Finally She Came To The Place She Craving For!

In the way back to our inn we found out that there’re a famous Gili fire dancing held by one of the bar there , and we enjoyed it and happy since it’s FREE!


Gili Fire Dancing At The Beach


We woke up early to catch the morning public boat at 9 am , we are going to cross to the Bangsal Harbor in Lombok mainland. The local public boat was a wooden boat with the machine on it. So , it’s not a ferry or speedboat. The cost is very cheap around Rp.13.000 ( 1 USD) for one way like 30- 40 minutes journey. The waves was pleasant , and the ship arrived faster few minutes than it should. Arrived in harbor ( well it’s actually more look like a sand with small building as the office) , there’re many people offering to drive you into your destination in Mataram or Senggigi with cost Rp.150.000 – Rp.300.000 (11 – 22 USD) well just don’t do that. Just walk away to the outside of the harbor like 100 – 200 meters you will find there’re plenty car to drive you with cheaper cost , saves the money again!


Gili Trawangan Public Boat Ticket Office


Public Boat Inside

Normally if you go by car or taxi from Senggigi to Bangsal Harbor it will cost you around Rp.100.000 – Rp.125.000 by a normal fare , and it cost more to Mataram or the other part of the island. The driver drive us to our guest house , White Rose Guesthouse. The place has nice and comfortable room , it’s clean also the owner are friendly. But actually the place is little bit far from Senggigi Beach or restaurants and later we found out that this place was near the locals pub for prostitution , so by my opinion it’s kinda not too safe to back to the guesthouse in the night , since the place were surrounded by drunken locals pub and prostitutes , what else could be worse!


White Rose Guesthouse So Comfortable Yet Affordable

This day actually so long and tiring day , after we arrived in the guesthouse , Siu’s friend Ira come to pick up us with her husband and kids , and they take us to have lunch , drive us to Lombok’s latest and biggest mall , Lombok Epicentrum Mall , Taman Narmada ,they also so kind to invite us to their house since both Siu and Ira are friends back to the high school time. So , finally we back to our room around 10 pm and we are very weary and tired. Thanks!


Ira and her husband insist to drove us to the airport , but alas we almost got late to check in because there’re some traffic jam in the way to airport , even we already going early in the morning. Thankfully the check in counter didn’t too jam packed so the check in and boarding goes smoothly , so we are going home!

We know our holiday such a short trip not even a week , yikes! But at least we have some good memories to refresh our mind for the next year vacation , poor us!

Thanks for reading our summer trip complete stories , if you have any question or idea for our next trip , just comment below , we’ll appreciated it , Thanks!


Ira And Her Family With Us In Taman Narmada


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