Gili Trawangan A Party Island Of Lombok


A Party Island Of Lombok

Gili Trawangan island was considered to Lombok Island area in Indonesia. Gili Trawangan was famous as a party island of Lombok. This Gili Islands actually consist of 3 island , Gili Trawangan , Gili Meno , and Gili Air. Gili Trawangan is the famous one of the three islands. There’re many bars , cafe , or restaurant , mostly were located in the main road to harbor or around The Art Market ( Night Market ). Once said the island never sleep but i think everyone need their bedtime huh?

The Gili Trawangan size is 15 square km and it’s actually slightly bigger than the famous Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. The unique thing of this little island is there’s no allowed of motorcycle or car in the entire island , so everyone is must on their bike or just use Cidomo ( a local horse drawn carriage ) or just simple by foot!

There’re many diving and snorkeling spots around the island , even you can snorkel in the beach! I did went twice to Gili , 2014 and 2017. I noticed that in 2017 the fishes are much more than 2014. So it was fun to just snorkel around the beach.

How To Go

Mostly the tourist can go to Gili Trawangan from the Bangsal Harbor of Lombok Island by public boat , it’s actually kind of long wooden boat with machine. The cost was cheap since it’s only Rp.13.000 (1 USD) per person one way for 30 – 40 minutes journey depends on the wave , or you can go by speedboat that mostly depart from Senggigi Beach for the cost Rp.200.000 (15 USD) per person one way.


Bangsal Harbor To Gili Trawangan Public Boat


The Speedboat Senggigi To Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawangan provide hundreds of accommodation that you can choose , from the budget hostel to the resort type. Normally it start from Rp.100.000 ( 7.5 USD) for a double room with very basic accomodation for 2 people , you can afford huh? and the high end resort type it goes from above Rp.3000.000 (220 USD) per night. But the price i stated above is for low season , in high season it will almost double the price. The high season in Gili Trawangan is start from July – August and December – January , the other months are the low season. At the time , i stayed in Little Elephant hostel , the hostel is good and the owner also very friendly , but the most amazing thing is they provide a free bike to use! It’s Free guys!


Free Hammock In Little Elephant Hostel


Actually there’re many restaurants , cafes , or bars in Gili Trawangan , but i don’t think many budget restaurant in the island , but fortunately there’re a night market right in the front of the harbor , the market sell any kind of foods , fresh seafood , or Indonesian food taste with affordable price. It start from Rp.10.000 ( 0.7 USD) up to some hundred thousands Rupiah , depends on what you want to eat , yet it still considered cheaper than the restaurant or cafes. Also there’re considered easy to buy drinks in Gili Trawangan , and recently i spotted there’re also a wine shop! The drinks are easy to buy yet still affordable for the budget backpacker.


Some Fancy Restaurant In The Beach At The Night


Fresh Fishes To Grilled , Just Named It!

What To Do

Gili Trawangan actually been blessed with many snorkelling and diving spots around the island , and beautiful beaches of course!


Well the beaches there actually doesn’t have name literally since the island so small , but i’ll make clear this thing to you. There’re some beach spots in the island , mostly the tourists will gather around the beach near the harbor , since there’re many shops and hotels along the road , but just go further north of the harbor the beach will get less crowded but i think it’s not too comfortable to snorkel or swim since there’re many small and sharp corals in the bottom of the sea , prove me wrong! 🙂 . If you just want to spend your time lying in the beach with less or 0 tourist then you can just go ahead to the western part of the island , since the western part are less developed than the east. But if you purpose to swim or snorkel in the beach then the beach near the harbor is your choice!


The Beach Near The Harbor


Western Part Of The Island


See? No Other Tourist

2.Diving or Snorkeling

Like as i stated above Gili Trawangan have many diving and snorkeling spots around the island , most cheaper way just join the public tour boat for the tourists. There’re many vendor that sell this tour , it started from Rp.150.000 (11 USD) per person for a half day tour. You will be taken to some snorkel spots around the island , mostly only 3 famous spots and you will also be taken to gili meno for late lunch , so in short word it’s a 9am – 3pm tour. If you want diving you can just talk to them , since mostly the tourists only do snorkelling.


The most popular transportation in this island is by bike , so you can rent the bike to explore the island. There’re many vendor on the road near the harbor , so in a short the harbor is providing any thing you need on the island. The bike rent should be considered around Rp.50.000 – Rp.60.000 ( 3.7 – 4.5 USD) for a day rent. It’s worth , trust me!


Exploring This Island By Bike Is Always A Good Idea

Well i think go to Gili Trawangan such a good idea to spent your holiday , if you think that Gili Trawangan is too noisy than you can choose Gili Air or Gili Meno for more quiet and less crowded place.

So , i hope this guide can help you to know more about Gili Trawangan. If you have any latest information about Gili Trawangan , you can just comment in the below , i’ll appreciate it! Be Lost Be Wanderer , Happy Travel Guys!


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