Hotel Reviews

This page for our reviews of hotels along our trips , everything is fair and honest.

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Whiterose Guesthouse ★★★ , Senggigi , Lombok

Address : Jalan Baruna Santhi II No. 5, Lingkungan Tanah Embet, Batu Layar, Lombok Barat, 83355 Senggigi , Indonesia

Overall Score : ★★★

Value : ★★★★

Location : ★★

Hospitality : ★★★★

Tourist Convenient: ★★★

Pro’s : Friendly and Kind Owner , Good Value Hotel For Around Rp.250.000 , Everything Is Clean and Comfortable , They Also Provide Motorcycle Rent or Airport Pick Up/Drop

Con’s : The Location Is Far From Tourist’s Main Attraction Senggigi Beach , There’s Also Near A Local Pub For Kind Of Prostitute , Just Don’t Back To The Hotel At Late Night